Just a stone's throw off of the southern coast of Croatia is the Adriatic Island of Korcula at nearly 47 kilometres long and 8 kilometres wide this densely forested island is known for its wine and olive oil. Which make great gifts, Lavender oil and dried figs are also popular. The main town of Korcula is locally known as little Dubrovnik because the old square, houses ramparts churches and towers resemble that of the mainland city also within the narrow streets of the old city walls, is a small stone house thought to be the birthplace of Marco Polo. Korcula is not as crowded as some of the more northern islands maybe it’s a little to far south or not as accessible ..but that is exactly why some people choose to come here for its everlasting old world charm steeped in history and peaceful surroundings.

What to eat

Typically everywhere you go there is a traditional dish made a certain way, local to the region. But here in Korcula, it seems that every dish they make as long as it's fresh and made with good ingredients is typical of here. From the Fresh seafood to the wonderful pastries they claim it as their own. Konoba Aterina is a family restaurant with a 5-star rating and a great reputation situated in the heart of the old city walls best to get there early or make a reservation.  LoLe wine and tapas bar, as you can imagine the perfect place to relax with friends have a drink the owner renate will serve you and is passionate about his restaurant and the food also located in the heart of the old city.